Creeper tea

Creeper tea is the pharmaceutical resources of Cao Bang province.
According to some scientific researches recently, creeper tea has medicinal effects such as cure for stomach ulcers, insomnia, strained nerves, etc. In order to exploit, preserve and take the most usage of this pharmaceutical resources, the Cao Bang Department of Science and Technology has done some researches. So far, the department has set up the technical progress of creeper multiplication with 2 methods, which multiply by bamboo frame, and 4 methods, which multiply by seed. There are 2 methods, have the highest sprouting rate of 83 per cent. The department also determined the effective multiplication method, building up the cultivated technical progress, the rate of fertilizer, and the effectiveness of fertilizers. It investigated the distribution, growing, and ecological conditions for this kind of tea. Those are scientific foundations for Cao Bang province to develop creeper tea, which is not only a kind of drinking tea but also pharmaceutical resources to cure, and step-by-step meeting the demand of other provinces.