Sour Noodle

Sour Noodle is cooked relatively sophisticated, representing for food and drink art of Cao Bang people.
That the amount of soft and tough noodle, some fried slices of liver, Chinese sausages, pig stomach, some slices of lean and fat mixed pork, roasted duck, some kinds of herbs, some pieces of fried, smashed ground nut, some vermicelli, fried potato all put into a bowl, sprinkling with sauce which get from roasted duck’s belly mingling with some vinegar, garlic, sugar, and tapioca. When eating, mingling and adding some sweet Mac soaking with bamboo sprout, chilly. Sour noodle has greasy tasting of duck oil, sour and pungent tasting of bamboo sprout and chilly, buttery tasting of groundnut and potato, fragrant tasting of sweet Mac.