Designer boutiques in Hanoi

La Boutique and the Silk
Tel: 928 5368
Add:  6 Nha Tho Street
Near St Joseph Cathedral, this place is well worth a look. The original designs are inspired by Vietnamese ethnic-minority clothing and are made from high-quality Lao silk.

Khai Silk
Tel: 825 4237
Email: khaisilk@fpt .vn
Add: 96 Pho Hang Gai
Offers funky, fashionable silk clothing, as well as more austere clas­sical creations. The proprietor, Khai, is flu­ent in both French and English, and has an eye for turning on the style.

Tel: 942 1872
Add: 59G Pho Hai Ba Trung
A boutique that aims for “smart humour, bright colours, subtle satire”. A cute collection of clothes includes designer-kitsch beaded tops and accessories.

There are several beautiful furnishings shops on Pho Nha Tho if you are in the mood for shipping stuff back home or set-ling up house.
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