Ho Tay Lake Water Park

To provide for the entertainment of the people in Vietnam, Vietnamese company Thang Long GTC initiated a project - the Me Tri Entertainment and Recreation Park Project. This project aimed at integrating the development of recreation and leisure facilities in the master plan for the development of the Hanoi Capital. Tivoli International has on consultancy basis made a market study and a concept study in relation with the project in Vietnam.
Ho Tay Lake Water Park in Hanoi offers a collection of rides and other entertainment attractions assembled for the purpose of entertaining the people. It not only caters to small children but also provides a space for entertainment to the adults and teenagers.

An amusement park may be permanent or temporary, usually periodic, such as a few days or weeks per year. The temporary (often annual) amusement park with mobile rides etc. is called a funfair or carnival. There are many theme parks that are narrowly defined category of an amusement park. Often a theme park has various 'lands' (sections) of the park devoted to telling a particular story. Alternatively, an amusement park often has rides with little in terms of additional design elements. For the most part, theme parks are the highest quality form of an amusement park. Ho Tay Lake Water Park is a famous Ho Tay Lake Water Park in Hanoi.

Features of Ho Tay Lake Water Park in Hanoi

Ho Tay Lake Water Park in Hanoi is the latest addition to the entertainment parks of the city. This park is similar to the park found in Ho Chi Minh City. The features of Ho Tay Lake Water Park in Hanoi include:
-   12 large and small slides with tube rides
-   Ho Tay Lake Water Park in Hanoi is a big attraction for Hanoi families.
-   The park offers slides, wave making pool and floating tube lake that have been crowded since opening, with safety staff on guard at all times.

The water at Ho Tay Lake Water Park in Hanoi appears a little murky, but the staff assures customers it is filtered and chlorinated constantly.

Address: 614 Pho Lac Long Can, Ho Tay District, Hanoi.
Contact : Phone: +84 4 753 2753, Fax: +84 4 753 2111