Mau Son Mountain

Mau Son Mountain is located in Loc Binh District, about 30km from Lang Son City to Mau Son Rerort.

With the wind whistling up and the cloud floating down, the sky seems within hands reach. The panorama from the highest peak in Lang Son region is like a Chinese ink drawing. To the north is Ninh Minh, China, to the east is Na Duong and to the West is Dong Dang, all merging beautifully into one spectacular landscape.

It is about 30 kilometers from Lang Son town to Mau Son. The winding narrow mountain path, like a snake, lies tucked between 2 steep mountains. Sometimes, beautiful Dao girls in festive embroidered clothing flag down the car for a lift. With their traditional dresses and bright smiles, they are as naturally beautiful as their mountain homeland.

About seventy years ago before this path existed, there were only two ways to the top, walking or on horseback. At that time, this panoramic area attracted the French to Mau Son for relaxation. The weather was cool all year round and in addition, the Dear Mountain View of the northeast was the gateway to China, and the French built a military base there at the start of the 20 the century to guard the border. The site's original inhabitants, members of the Dao ethnic minority, were moved to make way for the French settlement. Only authorized personnel were permitted to enter the French base.

Later, Mau Son tourists were also welcome to the hill station. In January 1936, Dr.O.Pflot, a student of the famous bacteriologist Dr. Alexandre Yersin, visited Mau Son. Some local people say that the doctor first came to Mau Son to collect traditional medicinal herbs, which were cultivated in die region. And then, he petitioned Mr Tholace, the then French governor of the north, for permission to build tourist villas at the site. In 1936 he got the goaded to buy land and to start construction. There were thousands of local people working on the project, all mining, breaking and carrying stones to bad a number of massive villas, all in all it took seven years of work to accomplish this task. There were no bricks available to build with, the only materials available were stones. bled to ruins. Blocks of orange moss-covered stories are scattered throughout the site, lying dead amongst the old foundations, where even now, it is possible to identify the houses former kitchens, fireplaces and staircases.  Like sleeping beauty, after almost five decades, it was all but forgotten. Until 1987 motorbikes were not even allowed onto the torturous road up the mountain.

Finally, Mau Son was woken up by its reputation whispered by visitors. Firstly, by residents of the surrounding area , followed by visitors from China and lowland Vietnam. Mau Son's door to the past has been opened again. When the French built their villas, they probably could not imagine a day when Mau Son would welcome all visitors. But today, Mau Son's residents want to share their home's secluded beauty with the world.